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My Nutty Story

Meet Jessie Sometimes we discover new passions through little nutty moments. For me, it happened after I made some peanut butter cups for a friend's farewell from a random recipe I found, thinking they'd be a nice treat. They were good, but I wanted to make them better. Everyone I knew became my testers, and it wasn't long before I had an overwhelming demand for my luscious peanut butter and chocolate bites - and Jessie's Nutty Cups was born.
Quality ingredients, along with plenty of creativity, love and passion, remain at the heart of my amazing chocolate cups. Based in Brooklyn, NY, we roast fresh Virginia peanuts in-house, transform them into creamy peanut butter, add Belgian chocolate and voilá, we’ve created the perfectly nutty, two-bite treat just for you! And since peanut butter and chocolate pair with so many delicious goodies, 
we’ve come up with seven signature flavors, ranging from the Original to PBJ to Dark Sea Salt, as well as rotating flavors of the month, from Brownie Caramel to Peppermint to Banana. So there is sure to be something for everyone!
Scooping Nutty Cups
Jessie Smiling 

I have always wanted to do something that will have some sort of impact on people's lives and now, with Jessie’s Nutty Cups, I get to do just that. Every bite is like a little escape, an added smile to your day. So go ahead, let yourself be just a bit nutty. I promise you won't regret it.

- Jessie



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